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Mary-Lynn Foster, Owner BIGG StudioHi, I’m Mary-Lynn Foster, an award winning radio producer and broadcaster, and the owner of BIGG Studio. I’m also the Vice President and Executive Producer of my own new media company, BIGG Success.

My voice has been used on major market radio stations WLS-AM and WLS-FM in Chicago. I’ve has also done voice over and audio production work for major companies like COUNTRY Financial and Microsoft.

I’ve been co-hosting and producing the top-rated BIGG Success Show since 2007. The quality of our podcast caught the attention of the folks over at Envision Networks. That launched our nationally syndicated feature called BIGG Success in a Minute. It can be heard on radio stations, radio streams, and the iHeart Radio app.

From my many years in radio broadcasting, I was lucky to work with some of the best talent in the industry. I’m able to collaborate with my broadcasting network to bring high quality, professional voice over and audio editing services to you.

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Bigg Studio, a dream come true


I’ve spent over 20 years of my life talking a into microphone, editing audio, and creating audio production!

I really can’t believe it’s been that long. Here’s how long it’s been:

When I first started in radio, we played records. So, when I DJ’d, I had to cue up the songs, and sometimes place a quarter on the player needle so the album wouldn’t skip!

Then albums made way for carts (like 8-track tapes with just one song on it). I also became a master at cutting and splicing reel in the on-air studio, and in the production room. Mark where you wanted the edit to start and stop, cut and tape. I really did carry a razor blade, and wax pencil in my purse!

Then carts and reel to reel were left behind for computers and digital editors. Songs in the on-air booth were loaded up automatically. I never had to run to the bathroom watching my second hand with discipline ever again! Heck, I could be gone for 10 minutes at a time now! In the production room, this new technology made producing a breeze! Same principle’s…mark where you want the edit to start, mark where you want it to end, highlight and DELETE! I really don’t miss the razor blade and wax pencil!

I love broadcasting, creating, producing, editing, talking…so all of this explains a lot.

I’d have to say the best part about being a producer, is that I get to take an idea and bring it to life! And after all of the work and tinkering, I get to sit back and listen to the finished product.

Here’s a production that I’m really proud of. My husband (and co-host) George and I created this podcast for The Kentucky Derby. A special thanks to one of my radio mentors, Jerome Ritchey for making an audio appearance in the production!


I look forward to putting my love of production to work for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

– Mary-Lynn



Bigg Studio podcast consulting services provide you with:

  • Series and script development
  • On-site and remote recording
  • Fully produced podcast
  • Professional voices, music, and sound effects
  • Hosting and distribution (rss feeds, iTunes and more)
  • Download tracking

What is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio or TV program that people can find on your web site. A podcast can be played directly on your site, or downloaded to any personal computer, or music player (like an iPod, or a cell phone). Your site visitors now have the ability to listen to your program or watch it, when and how it is most convenient for them.

Here is a :45 second sample podcast you can play now by pressing the arrow button.

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What a podcast can do for your business

  • Grow your customer base
  • Train employees
  • Share company news
  • Sell more of your products and services
  • Promote your brand
  • Talk to your customers

Facts and figures

  • Almost 60 million people will listen to podcasts by 2010 (source: ITG Group)
  • Podcasting is popular among 35-54 year old men and women, with higher incomes and higher education (source, comScore)
  • Nearly 75% of podcast subscribers listen while at their computer (source: Arbitron/Edison Media Research)
  • More than 37% of podcast listeners click on relevant advertising (source: Financial Times)
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Testimonials by BIGG Studio Customers

Here’s what some of our customers say about working with BIGG studio for voice over and audio editing services:

“In my role of business manager of an internal global knowledge sharing initiative at Microsoft, I hired Mary-Lynn to produce a series of six ‘How-To’ episodes. After an initial briefing via web conference, Mary-Lynn went off and delivered on time excellent quality audio tutorials that combined creativity, fun, great content and high level production. I was totally impressed by her professionalism and how little supervision she needed to deliver on our objectives. I recommend her without hesitations!”

Paolo TosoliniNew Media Business Manager of enterprise level social media platform, Academy Mobile on Sharepoint at Microsoft

“For your voice over needs, I recommend fast-acting Mary-Lynn Foster: versatile…reliable…professional!
(Side-effects include client satisfaction…a happy sales staff…and reduced production headaches.)

No wonder four-out- of-five Production Directors recommend the voice over artistry of Mary-Lynn Foster.

* Not recommended for children under twelve or anyone content with mediocre voice work.
(I made that part up, but certainly in our case, one out of one Production Director at WLS DOES recommend the voice talent of Mary-Lynn Foster!)”

Michael WolfgangFormer Production Director WLS, Chicago “THE BIG 89”

“The audio realm is always looking for fresh, relatable voices — and the versatile, impressive range of work created by Mary-Lynn Foster speaks for itself. She’s a real gemstone whose credible, ‘real’ sound can deliver real results for your advertisers.”

Kipper McGeeVeteran Broadcast Manager, and Author of the book Brandwidth

“BIGG Studio has provided voice work and production for our agents and corporate offices all over the United States.

The staff is easy to work with, everything is done in a very timely manner, and above all, the work is exceptional. At the corporate level, BIGG really delivers.”

Rick HalbergAdvertising Coordinator COUNTRY Financial

“I’ve worked with Mary-Lynn for years doing voice-over commercials for my recording studio. She quickly ‘stood out’ in my voice pool of people and became one of my best “go-to” voices. She is reliable, professional, versatile, and above all, talented!”

Richard BednarOwner, Creative Broadcast Production Champaign, Illinois

“Mary-Lynn, thanks for the great new radio commercials for my show. Your passion made my day!!”

Barry MoltzRadio Show Host, Author, Speaker

“Mary-Lynn is the consummate professional and her work is outstanding. I highly recommend Mary-Lynn for any type of audio production you need. She recently provided a voice-over open and close for my podcast that was not only creative, but also technically sound. Mary-Lynn provides that rare combination of an outstanding voice, creativity, and technical know-how. Hire Mary-Lynn for audio production and you won’t regret it!”

Jay EhretMarketer, Podcast Host, Speaker

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BIGG Studio Voice Over and Audio Editing Demos



Mary-Lynn is an award winning radio producer and broadcaster, and the owner of BIGG Studio. She is also the Vice President, and Executive Producer of her own new media company, Bigg Success. Mary-Lynn’s voice can be heard on major market radio stations WLS-AM and WLS-FM in Chicago. She has also been the voice of COUNTRY Financial’s National helpline.

Voice Demo

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Lon is an award winning radio producer,  broadcaster and copywriter. As you’ll hear, Lon is quite versatile. On BIGG Success, we use Lon as our imaging voice for our podcast and nationally syndicated radio feature.

Voice Demo

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Rick H.

Rick is a 30-year radio broadcasting veteran. He is an award winning producer and an award winning corporate copywriter.

Voice Demo

Listen to Rick H. Voice Demo


Rick B.

Rick has over 40 years experience in broadcast production. His background includes a BS and MS in Communications from the University of Illinois. Rick has done national production work. Some of his clients include Sears, State Farm Insurance, IBM, and Hilton Hotels.

Voice Demo

Listen to Rick B. Voice Demo


These are just a few of the voice talents who can work on your project. Contact us, tell us what sound you are looking for, and we’ll send voice samples to choose from.

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BIGG Studio provides professional voice over and audio editing services for: Audiobooks and documentaries, Business presentations, Commercials and infomercials, IVR, voice mail,phone systems and on-hold messages, Movie and game trailers, Podcasts, Radio, Training material, Videos, Web sites.

We provide audio enhancements like compression, volume normalization and limiting processing.

We also convert files into any format you need. We do this for one file, a few, or even hundreds of files.

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