Bigg Studio Can Bring Your Book to Audio Life!


Why an Audiobook?

Facts and Figures

  • Nearly one in four Americans have listened to an audiobook in the past year.
  • Millions of audio book consumers listen to books in their car, while traveling,
    and at work.
  • Most authors don’t have an audiobook, so having one sets you apart from your competition.

Double Your Sales!

An audiobook is a new product to sell on your web site.

An audiobook is a new product to sell at your speaking engagements.

Sell More of Both!

Bundle your book and audiobook in a package to increase your profits incrementally.

Your book is priced at $19.95.
Your audiobook is priced at $19.95.
Sell both for a discounted rate at $29.95.

Add Value!

Perk up sales of your book by offering your audiobook as a premium.

How Bigg Studio Can Help

  • The cost of bringing your book to audio life is a lot less than you might think.
  • We have the expertise to make the production of your audiobook simpler than you could have ever imagined.
  • We have packages where you read your book, or our professional voice talent reads your book.
Contact Bigg Studio today and let’s bring your book to audio life!