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Our voice over and audio editing service customers rave about how quickly their projects are done, and how professionally they sound. Our philosophy on customer service is this:

  • We provide fast turnaround
  • We’re meticulous about our work
  • We provide personal service
  • We’re industry veterans with years of experience in providing top quality production
  • We’ll work with your budget

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BIGG Studio Voice Over

BIGG Studio Voice Over Services

BIGG Studio has a variety of male and female voices available for audio and video commercials, presentations, and narrations. We don’t make you sift through hundreds of voice talent demos to find the right match. Just tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll send you a few selections to choose from. Learn more about our voice over services.

BIGG Studio Audio Editing

BIGG Studio Audio Editing Services

BIGG Studio provides audio editing for for commercials, podcasts, video presentations, and narrations. From removing mistakes and background noise, to adding royalty free sound effects and music, BIGG Studio can transform your audio into a professional, broadcast-quality audio production, in any file format you need. Learn more about our audio editing services.